Spring Replacement


Fox Overhead Door is your source for fast and easy garage door springs replacement. With the initial phone call, our staff will help you find a convenient time for one of our expert technicians to come out to your home and get you fixed up in no time. Garage door springs come in a wide variety of strengths and sizes, and it’s important that you have a team with professional knowledge and expertise to get you taken care of.

The most overlooked obstacle with springs is the shear danger with working on them. Your garage door operates under high tension from the spring, and you can seriously injure yourself or a family member unless you know the proper precautions to take. There is a ton of quality information online about garage door springs, but until you really start working with them, the dangers aren’t immediately apparent.

There are two major types of springs that you should be aware of – The zinc galvanized spring and oil tempered spring. The zinc galvanized spring has more of a shiny metalic color and is generally considered a lower grade spring. Most garage door spring replacement companies tend to put these cheaper springs in unsuspecting customers’ home to save on overhead. Here at Fox Overhead Door, we constantly visit families with broken zinc galvanized springs, and we always upgrade them to our standard spring: The oil tempered garage door spring.

The oil tempered spring is a high life cycle spring that is scientifically built to last. When you’re deciding on a garage door company, make absolutely sure that they only use the highest quality springs in your home. Fox’s goal is have happy customers — not create more unnecessary expenses for people.

Now that you’re aware of the basic spring type, we want to take a look at the tools needed for garage door spring replacement. You need a minimum of 2 sets of vice grips, professional winding bars(many hardware stores sell rods that can be cut in half), an adjustable wrench, and of course, a quality ladder. Sometimes you’ll need to do some quick measuring, so we recommend a basic ruler. You also may need to file down the rods a bit to fit properly, so it’s helpful to have a file too. Also, you’ll want to make sure your garage is well lit. It’s important to see what you’re doing for garage door spring replacement.

So, those are the basic tools required, and when you hire a professional technician, they’ll arrive at your home fully stocked with all the supplies and more than 40 varieties of springs to ensure that you get the proper fitting spring. Garage door springs are chosen based on the total weight of the door and the size of the torsion rod. It’s absolutely important that you get the correct garage door spring for your individual door so that the entire system is properly balanced.

Your garage door opener works hard, but the garage door spring makes sure it doesn’t work TOO hard and has to pull more weight than it’s designed to do. All of these parts have to work together in perfect balance to ensure that your system stays safe and secure for years and years.

For more answers to the most common questions, feel free to give us a call today! We’ll look forward to helping you with your garage door springs.