Roller Replacement


Garage Door Rollers are a common issue when it comes to your overhead door. Regular scheduled yearly maintenance plans typically include new rollers purely due to the fact that most companies tend to use low quality parts, and rollers are not something that customers should go cheap on. At Fox Overhead Door, we only offer the highest grade parts and accessories, because we want them to last, and we don’t want you to have to hassle with constant repairs. Don’t get us wrong, we always appreciate our customers, but we focus on preventative maintenance to save you money in the long run rather than hoping to come back soon for repairs.

We offer a lifetime warranty on some of our rollers, and that’s only possible because we know that our parts are superior. We’ve helped more than half a million families with their garage door needs, and once we put a set of our rollers on your garage, there’s a good chance that you won’t ever have to call us roller replacement again. From there with a scheduled maintenance plan, our technicians will come make sure your garage is properly lubricated, tune up some other basic parts, and give your door a clean bill of health. It’s all about putting quality parts on the first time, and we’ve gotten pretty good at that!